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Water Heater Replacement

We service all makes and models. Many water heaters have a lifetime of about 10 years. Modern tank water heaters can have a much longer warranty. There are also new options available with tankless water heaters that give you instant hot water on demand that never runs cold.

Tank style water heaters

Storage or tank style water heaters are the most common in New Hampshire.

These water heaters have a cylindrical tank that is separate from the heating system.  The tank keeps water constantly hot for use when you need it.  These units are powered by electricity, natural gas, propane gas, heating oil or solar energy.

The size of the storage tank needed depends on the size of your home and      the number of members in your household.  The standard hot water tank life expectancy is about 10 years.  Daigle Plumbing & Heating can repair, replace & service any water heater you have.  We have expertise on all makes and models.

High efficiency condensing water heating

These water heaters have a 95% annual fuel utilization efficiency rating.  This unit is great for high demand such as whirlpools.  Tax credits for these units are available.

Daigle Plumbing & Heating will fix and repair all water heater problems! We also carry many of the best new brands of new water heaters.

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