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Helpful Hints

We’re here to help with these tips on maintaining your home or business plumbing. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment for a free quote on your plumbing job!

Dripping faucets:

A dripping faucet is a small matter…Or is it? A faucet that drips every two seconds will fill four cups every hour, which equals 6 gallons per day. Over a month, this seemingly innocuous leak is causing 168 gallons of water to be wasted. If you are on town water and sewer, that leak is literally money down the drain. If you have a well, your pump will be cycling more frequently, costing you in both electricity and pump life. A leaky toilet flapper wastes even more water. Both problems result from the failure of inexpensive rubber parts that need periodic replacement.

Spring thaw & sump pumps & drains:

Spring is the season where the water table is at its highest due to snow runoff and rain falling on partially frozen or saturated ground. Homeowners need to take precautions against indoor flooding.

Check to make sure that the floats on sump pumps are unstuck.

If you have foundation drains, check the exits to ensure they are free from plant and animal debris.

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