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Plumbing Maintenance Tips for the Fall

Plumbing Maintenance Tips for the Fall

Your home’s seasonal maintenance is an important task that should be undertaken when the fall season rolls around. It is a great time to prepare for the cold winter months that can prove problematic for your plumbing. Protect your home with simple plumbing preparations that will prevent headaches and costly repairs. Here are some useful tips to help you with plumbing maintenance for the fall.


Clean Your Gutters

Winter is a wet season and rainfall is common during the cold months. Your gutters should be prepared to prevent drainage problems. Leaves and debris can clog gutters and rainwater can overflow over the gutters and seep into your foundation, basement or crawlspace and cause a host of issues that could prove costly.


Store Away Hoses

Unhook all outdoor hoses from their spigots, drain and store them. This is vital to prevent water in the hoses from freezing and expanding. The freeze can create pressure through the interior plumbing system that could cause faucets and connecting pipes in your home to break. Ensure that the faucets do not have any leaks and perform repairs if needed.


Snake the Sewer Line

Using a “sewer snake” to clean your sewer line during the fall is a proactive move that could keep it fully functional even during the winter months. Sewer lines are commonly blocked by the invading roots of trees and shrubs, which can burst sewer lines. Roots try to penetrate the lines to get to water when the surface water is already frozen. A blockage of the drainage can create a messy situation. The fall is a good time to clear out the roots that have grown by snaking the sewer line as a method of preventive maintenance.


Insulate Your Pipes

Crawl spaces and garages are unheated areas that generally lacks insulation around pipes. This exposure makes pipes prone to freezing in the winter time. You should insulate them during fall to prevent pipes from bursting by keeping them warm with insulation, heat tape, or thermostat-controlled heat cables. This could spare you the expense of costly repairs.


Prep Your Water Heater for the Workload

You use your water heater more during the winter than you do in the spring and summer seasons. You essentially put your water heater into overtime, and the fall is a good time to service your unit and prepare for the stress of the cold season. A tune-up or a flush can enable optimal performance set the temperature. It is also recommended that you set the temperature to 120ºF to get the most out of your water heater.


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