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Helpful Hints

It is wise to have an annual inspection of your heating system. Regular inspections and cleaning will help prolong the life and safety of your heating system.

Antifreeze in your heating system:

If your heating system contains antifreeze, it is crucial to have it checked and recharged annually. Antifreeze breaks down over time, creating two problems. As the concentration is reduced, your heating system is less protected against freezing. The second is that as antifreeze breaks down it becomes corrosive, damaging boiler parts including your expansion tank and relief valve. Both of these problems are fully avoidable by having the antifreeze checked and kept up to proper concentration annually.

Cold weather & frozen pipes:

Every year during January or February there is a period of a week or longer of extreme cold and wind chill. To prevent frozen pipes during these cold snaps, leave the heat up 6-8 degrees higher than normal when you turn the thermostats down at night. Although the inside temperature may be at 60, that doesn’t ensure that areas where pipes pass between floors or outside walls are sufficiently protected against freezing. Those few additional degrees of heat can provide that extra margin of safety against water damage.

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