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Heating System Replacements

A new heating system can lower your energy bills and provide efficient, safe and clean heat for your house for decades.

Why replace your heating system?

The heating system is the heart of the home. If the heating system is not running properly & efficiently – comfort is being sacrificed.

Here are some of the ways we can help you save energy costs with a boiler upgrade.
1) We can make sure your heating appliance is sized correctly.
2) We can eliminate tankless coil options and add indirect hot water heating.
3) We can install heating equipment with an 85% efficiency rating or greater.
4) We can add an outdoor reset. This limits the heating appliance’s output base on outdoor air temperatures.
5) We can help with advanced technology in thermostat options.

Following these recommendations can save up to 30% in fuel costs. Let us come out and evaluate your home. Your new system could start to pay you back.

Why do you need to line your chimney?

Unless your masonry chimney was designed and built specifically for your new high efficient heating equipment you will need a chimney liner. Most chimneys are oversized for the needs of modern equipment. High efficient equipment has flue gas temps in the range of 155-350 degrees. Problems in chimneys exist due to flue gasses condensing in the clay liner causing condensation to form on the chimney walls. Condensing occurs at 275 degrees within the chimney. Chimneys built in the cold climate and exposed to the harsh temperatures of winter can be even more problematic. Serious corrosion and deterioration of the chimney can be the result of high efficiency equipment. We will evaluate all chimney liners prior to every boiler or furnace installation.

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