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Carbon Monoxide Safety

Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas produced by incomplete combustion and poor ventilation. Your gas appliances may be leaking carbon monoxide if you notice stuffy or smelly air, high humidity or condensation forming on your window, or see soot from fireplaces or furnaces.

What is carbon monoxide and how can I protect myself?

People suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning experience headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, weakness and loss of muscle control. If they don’t leave the area and get fresh air, they can loose consciousness and suffer permanent brain damage. Carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death.

Gas water heaters, chimneys, and heating systems should be checked each year by a qualified contractor. Never operate a gasoline engine, barbecue grill, or similar engine or heat source in a confined area. Never use a gas stove for anything except cooking.

Install carbon monoxide detectors that meet UL standard #2034 requirements above the furnace, outside of the bedrooms, in an area with a fireplace, and in an attached garage, just to name a few.

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