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Benefits of Going Ductless for Heating and Cooling

Benefits of Going Ductless for Heating and Cooling


When it comes to ductless heating and cooling, it is highly likely you’ve walked into a friend or relative’s home and seen small, in-door devices positioned high atop the wall. They don’t take up much space and aren’t very conspicuous. You might have even seen them around your office building or in a restaurant. Ductless heating and cooling systems come with a variety of benefits, and some may even surprise you!


1.)    They are Cost Effective


Everyone likes to save money, right? One of the main reasons why people decide to switch to a ductless cooling and heating system is because it results in overall cost savings. For the last several years, utility costs throughout the country have soared. These high prices are the result of inefficient systems controlling the temperature in our homes. Ductless systems operate on less power, seeing as they are smaller than your usual forced-air systems. They also deliver temperature controlled air directly into any given room. Multi-split systems allow home owners to create zones within their homes too, which means they get to choose which rooms to heat and cool depending on if the room is occupied or not.


2.)    They Offer Several Solutions


Unlike central air conditioning or traditional heating pumps, ductless systems can deliver air into different zones of the home, as mentioned above. Ductless systems are made up of one small outdoor unit, and one or several indoor units. These indoor units need nothing more than access to electricity and mounting capabilities. These ductless systems offer a cost-effective alternative to inefficient space heaters, electric baseboard heaters, and window units. They can be installed in new construction, condominiums and apartments, home additions, or simply to improve the temperature quality within specific rooms of your home.


3.)    Installation is a Breeze


With typical ducted systems, installation can take many weeks and disrupt overall daily life within your home. Going ductless is far easier in terms of getting the whole system set up. They are much less invasive in terms of general installation, and can be up and running in as little as one day depending upon how many indoor units you decide on. Even multi-split systems run on small pipes that simply require a three-inch hole for installation. This means you don’t have to worry about restructuring your ceiling or walls around ductwork, or lose valuable square footage.


4.)    Ductless Systems Improve the Air Quality Within Your Home


Traditional HVAC systems require air ducts to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. The unfortunate thing is that even after these cleanings are performed, dust and allergens are still left behind. When one chooses to have their home go ductless, they are also choosing a multi-stage filtration system that seriously reduces bacteria, dust, allergens, pollen, and other particles that might be floating around.


One might be quick to judge these units upon first glance, and might even deem them to be less effective than traditional means. However, as you can see, they offer a multitude of benefits and are far more efficient than standard methods. Do some research and decide if going ductless fits into your lifestyle. If it does, be sure to contact us here at Daigle Plumbing & Heating! Call us at 603-434-6353, or through our online form.

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